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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

As a photographer, having worked across print media and digital platforms for more than two decades, I travel with a reasonable insight into the workings of an industry. While cream will always rise to the top, the most (commercially) successful photographer is often NOT the best image maker - but all kudos to him/her.

At risk of stating the obvious, it is the creative with the ability to place their work front and centre who wins the client - marketing is skill set in which I am lacking, have long wrestled with and will be the first to admit the same. I am genuinely uncomfortable talking about myself let alone being the centre of attention.

In August of 2019 - through no fault of my own - I found myself admiring the undercarriage of a moving Toyota Prado. In those seconds, the structural integrity of my beloved black Vespa possibly saved my life - the 'wasp' and good fortune certainly protected me from more significant injuries. That said, the sum of all broken bones did amount to three major surgeries and the majority of a year dependent on crutches.

Time spent in hospital is sobering. Admittedly, there are many who are far worse off. While my questionable dance moves and self-confidence will never be reclaimed, I am grateful to be able to walk unaided and have the opportunity to reset career goals - albeit with less light visible between vertical post as a result of physical limitation.

At the beginning of this month (June 2021), having fallen off the professional radar, in a city 1800km's north of my photography network, I began introducing myself to a foreign marketplace. While my vanity has been somewhat dented by the unforeseen, I remain confident in my ability to take photographs. But to most in Brisbaneyland, I remain a relative unknown.

I am not young. I am not, nor have I ever pretended to be cool. In circumstances, I face ongoing mobility challenges - the quiet confidence I once carried into a room has softened to less than a whisper, yet I have to make this work the only way I know how, by allowing my body of work to do the talking and refusing to discounting my value in the marketplace.

There is little point traveling with a wealth of experience and pitching yourself beside the aesthetically-dumbing platforms such a Snappr and Airtasker where every Tom, Dick and Hariette declare themselves an industry professional.

There is a huge divide between as much as possible for as little as possible and genuine value for money. Commercial mages are important, they represent the individual and brand. The clients I wish to attract are those who share my appreciation of quality visual collateral.

My doors are open for business with the realistic expectation of taking the slow road to towards success in a new marketplace. I will be photographing a mash of commercial, editorial and corporate work with a view to becoming that guy who photographs the best of South East Queensland's architects, architecture and interiors.


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